A Rebecca Clarke Reader

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A Rebecca Clarke Reader considers the life, works, and career of the English composer Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979). Leading scholars present original research on Clarke’s songs, chamber music and contemporary musical milieu, supplemented with new editions of rare writings by Clarke herself. Readers will particularly enjoy transcriptions of four interviews with the composer, in which Clarke speaks candidly about her fascinating life.

“A very important scholarly contribution. But more than that, anyone interested in the history of British and American music in the twentieth century should have this book.”
—Barbara Garvey Jackson, Professor Emerita, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville; Editor and Publisher, ClarNan Editions, Fayetteville

“A fascinating book about an inspiring woman.”
—Diane Walsh, Concert Pianist, past artistic director of the Skaneateles Festival, and friend of Rebecca Clarke

“A path-breaking book about a composer of genius!”
—Michael Beckerman, Professor of Music, New York University

REVIEWS of A Rebecca Clarke Reader

  • December, 2006 — The TRIANGLE (PDF), Journal of Mu Phi Epsilon International Music Fraternity, by Rona Commins.
  • November, 2006 — Journal of the IAWM (PDF), International Alliance for Women in Music; by Deborah Hayes.
  • June, 2006 — Delian Society Newsletter (PDF)
  • Jan. 2007 — “A musical woman in a man’s world: Rebecca Clarke.”  Musicology Australia; by Sally Macarthur.

NEWS about A Rebecca Clarke Reader

A Rebecca Clarke Reader — edited by Liane Curtis

  • Contents and Acknowledgments / Introduction
  • Part I – Chapter 1 Nancy Reich: “Rebecca Clarke: An Uncommon Woman”
  • Part I – Chapter 2 Liane Curtis: “Rebecca Clarke and the British Musical Renaissance”
  • Part I – Chapter 3 Deborah Stein: “‘Dare Seize the Fire’: An Introduction to the Songs of Rebecca Clarke”
  • Part I – Chapter 4 Bryony Jones: “‘But do not quite forget’: The Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1921) and the Viola Sonata (1919) Compared”
  • Part II Clarke’s Published Writings About Music (1923-1931).
  • Part II – Chapter 5 “The History of the Viola in Quartet Writing.” Music and Letters IV (1923)
  • Part II – Chapter 6 “The Beethoven Quartets as a Player Sees Them.” Music and Letters VIII (1927)
  • Part II – Chapter 7 “Viola.” Cobbett’s Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music
  • Part II – Chapter 8 “Bloch, Ernest.” Cobbett’s Cyclopedic Survey
  • Part II – Chapter 9 “La Semaine Anglaise at the Paris Colonial Exhibition.” The B.M.S. [British Music Society] Bulletin, New Series 1 (Autumn, 1931)
  • Part III My Mini-Revival! Clarke Rediscovered – The Interviews and a Program Note
  • Part III – Chapter 10 Rebecca Clarke Remembers Myra Hess (Interview with Robert Sherman)
  • Part III – Chapter 11 Robert Sherman Interviews Rebecca Clarke about Herself
  • Part III – Chapter 12 Violist to Violist: Nancy Uscher’s Interview with Rebecca Clarke, April 11, 1978
  • Part III – Chapter 13 Musicologist Ellen D. Lerner Interviews Rebecca Clarke, 1978 and 1979
  • Part III – Chapter 14 Rebecca Clarke’s 1977 Note on the Viola Sonata
  • Bibliography
  • Index