Parking for Goldfarb Library, Brandeis University

 Here is my parking advice.  There is a big festival going on, so things might be chaotic.
You are looking for the Goldfarb Library (there are several other libraries on campus!)
Here is an interactive campus map.
Below is a detailed map that I have annotated.  

Turn off of 415 South Street (Waltham) into the main campus entrance.  Turn right to go around the “Loop road”.  Officially, parking is in the Tower lot at the far north of the loop.  On Sundays, you don’t need a permit, and can park anywhere (well, I wouldn’t park in the handicapped spot unless you have a handicapped permit).  I have never seen a tow truck at Brandeis.  So, anyway, you can park on the Loop Road, if you see anything.  Or in the little lot just north of Goldfarb. (yellow X) 

The doors to Goldfarb Library are on the east and south sides. The Rapaporte Treasure Hall is in the south end of the bldg — It’s the red X on my map.  The Library doors are the green Xs.

OR, for handicaped parking closer to the doors of Goldfarb, follow the yellow line on my map — turn left off the Loop ROad just past “The Castle” —  Then turn right, there is a gate but press the buzzer and tell them you that you have a handicapped pass, and they will let you in.  There are some parking spots close to the Sociology Dept, or Swartz.  

Map of parking at Goldfarb library