Mar-2016-Women Composers – Still a useful label?

Liane Curtis –  “Women Composers – Still a useful label?”   March 12, 2016  

Women Composers Festival of Hartford

References cited (or not cited, but food for thought)

THE ‘WOMAN COMPOSER’ IS DEAD, by Amy Beth Kirsten on March 19, 2012, on New Music Box

There’s A Good Reason Why There Are No Great Women Composers.” ( The Spectator — Sept. 2015)  Damian Thompson.      Shock jock writes offensive clickbait.

Brilliant response to the above.   by Emily E. Hogstad

List of major orchestras 2015-16 with no works by women (Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy blog)

follow up to Amy Beth Kirsten, by Alex Ross, The New Yorker, APRIL 29, 2013 “Even the Score: Female composers edge forward”

“Taking off my pants” – NY Times blog by KRISTIN KUSTER – Composer is conscious of her personal growth, change through maturity and experience.  No more trying to fit in and “be a man” — thus she gives up on wearing pants all the time.

Met to Stage first opera by a woman since 1903 (New York Times)

Marin Alsop with example of her own sexist bias –

Food for thought: men can have a role in bringing about change: 


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